Seriously, what the hell is wrong with some people? You can't leave nice things alone, you need to trash them and screw them all up for the rest of us? The El Paso Police Department and the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the Star on the Mountain, says they have been seeing a big upswing in vandalism at the Star recently. They told a local news station that people have been trashing the area surrounding the Star with broken beer bottles and breaking the light bulbs.

This is why we can't have nice things. What kind of a clown are you that you think it's cool to climb up a mountain, drink, and destroy property. There are very good cameras up there and they can see who vandalizing the area. It might take a while to get to you, but eventually, you could be arrested for vandalizing the Star.

This year, we have seen the Star blink 23 times for the victims of the August 3 Walmart massacre, and it is currently blue to honor our law enforcement officers. It was law enforcement that caught these geniuses when they vandalized the Star in 2016.

Miguel Perez, 17; Victoria Sanchez, 18; Alejandro Mora, 20; were arrested on June 30th. They are each charged with theft and criminal trespassing. Their bond was set at $1,000. Three 16-year-old boys were also arrested on July 6th and charged with criminal trespass and theft. That same day, 18-year old Javier Castro and a fourth 16-year-old boy and were charged with criminal trespass. Castro's bond was set at $300. The names of the juveniles in the case were not released. On July 7th, El Paso Police arrested three 17-year-olds and charged them with trespassing. They are Oscar Valdez of Fort Hancock, Gabriel Gonzalez of Fabens, and Sabrina Gonzalez of Fabens. Police say that all of those arrested were found on the mountain and that the stolen light bulbs were recovered.

Personally I think if you are caught doing something like this someone from the Chamber should be allowed to go into your house and trash your stuff, too. You caused property damage? We get to damage your property. Jerk faces. Knock it off.

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