As of 5:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon El Paso County stands at 300 coronavirus cases and 2 deaths. City officials say there were 319 complaints reported over the Easter weekend of people not following the stay-at-home order. There were 311 warnings and eight citations issued. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office gave out 15 warnings. Since the stay-at-home order was put into place a few weeks ago, there have been 3,800 investigations into violations of the stay-at-home order. The question is, why?

Why are City and County officials allowing this? Why are they not, when an investigation into a violation of the stay-at-home order is confirmed, giving out the $1,000 citations they say the will give out? When will the City and County take the stay-at-home order seriously?

If you tell a kid that they better clean up their room or they'll get in trouble and you give them chance after chance after chance with no consequences, you'll have a kid with a messy room who knows that you are all bark and no bite.

Mayor Dee Margo, County Judge Ricardo Samaniego, tell your law enforcement and other officials who see the violations of the stay-at-home order to give out those tickets. You have added an additional 30 days to the stay-at-home order and if you think people are antsy and violating the order by the hundreds now, just wait a couple more weekends when the weather is warm and people are itching to get out and do a family barbeque or hang out in a park.

Are you going to crack the whip and start making people understand that they need to stay home and stop having gatherings? We have been inundated with information about why we need to stay at home and that we can be fined if we don't. The time for warnings is over.

For heaven's sake, man up, gentlemen. Start giving out those citations.

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