The CDC recently reported about onions being linked to a salmonella outbreak. There was a salmonella outbreak that occurred in 37 states recently. The CDC also shared that 129 people had to be hospitalized and luckily no deaths were reported.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared the news about the recall for all (red yellow white) onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico. The onions were distributed by ProSource Produce LLC.

This news is the kind of news some Hispanics in El Paso don't enjoy hearing. For some people, onions are really important when it comes to cooking. Usually, most people in El Paso enjoy adding onion to their tacos, enchiladas, menudo, and more.

I like to believe there are people out there who feel onions are a must for certain recipes. My favorite type of onion I mostly enjoy using for certain recipes is red onions.

Red onions are my favorite to use in tacos, Mexican rice, and steak. After the news got out about a salmonella outbreak that was linked to onions, changed recipes at restaurants.

For example, after feeling sick I went to grab some soup at Chili's. As I was waiting for my food I overheard a customer mentioning their entree was missing a key ingredient.

According to the waitress, she said because the salmonella outbreak was linked to onions is why ingredients were missing. Now usually certain meals that require onions are what make the tasty flavor. So El Paso, share your opinion about onions in the poll below.

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