One El Pasoan has elevated the dangers of the Milk Crate Challenge to a whole other level by setting themself on fire.

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As if the Milk Crate Challenge was not dangerous enough, one El Pasoans has added a new risky element by adding fire while taking the challenge.

The Milk Crate Challenge is the new social media craze that originated earlier this month in the states. It involves stacking up plastic milk crates in a stair arrangement and climbing them up and over without falling. But most attempts end in inevitable failure as most climbers take nasty hard falls and, in some cases causing serious injuries for many.

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As if the challenge wasn't already dangerous enough, one El Pasoan is taking the challenge to reckless levels by setting himself on fire. A video posted by Willybeamens on Instagram shows one El Pasoans set himself on fire while rapidly climbing the milk crates and even takes a moment to pop a trick on a skateboard before being doused with a fire extinguisher.

Amidst the idiotic social media craze, doctors and safety experts have led some social media platforms like TikTok to remove videos of the challenge to prevent users from serious injury.

However, from the looks of it, people are not getting the message.

The Milk Crate Challenge is absolutely the dumbest thing ever. No one should be setting themselves on fire or exposing their bodies to possible life-long implications for a social media post. It's just not worth it.

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