One of my man's friends decided he wasn't going to miss Monster Jam. We don't support sneaking into events, even if it is just climbing a mountain.

Unlike the many El Pasoans who paid for a ticket to get a great view of all the monster trucks driving around the Sun Bowl, this guy who we will call Juice, decided to go for a hike. Not just any hike, like on the Franklin Mountains or something. He climbed that famous University of Texas at El Paso mountain many people have climbed to get a free view of whatever is going on in the Sun Bowl.

Just when I thought people stopped the attempted of climbing and UTEP had hyped up their security, I see this photo.


This juice guy posted it on Facebook and captioned his photo with something along the lines of "Monster Jam is free if you try hard enough." Which yeah, but do I really want to risk falling and dying for loud trucks? No. Obviously there are still some people that will forever climb that mountain but will anyone ever beat the ESPN couple?

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