Ever since March we have all been wandering around trying to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. We dealt with the never ending Spring Break of 2020 that turned into stay-at-home orders for students that turned into the Summer That Never Was and now we are looking at the holiday season of 2020 getting whittled down to no public events and officials urging us to not gather in large groups. You can check out the latest on corn mazes and Halloween observances on kisselpaso.com and we'll be keeping you up to date about local holiday events as they either get a 2020 coronavirus pandemic makeover or get cancelled altogether.

One of the last things to happen during the holiday season is the New York City New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square. We get to watch it happen at 10 p.m. because of the time zone difference but watching all those New Yorkers and tourists jammed into Times Square freezing their butts off and trying to pretend like getting to their spot 12 hours beforehand so they can possibly be on national tv showing people that they spent 12 hours hanging out on one spot on the sidewalk to possibly get on national tv on New Year's Eve.

That's what 2020's NYC NYE ball drop looked like, but it will definitely look different this year. Organizers say there will be "scaled-back and socially-distanced" live elements with a very limited group of in-person honorees, "who will reflect the themes, challenges and inspirations of 2020 will take part in the celebration."

Yikes. Happy New Year.

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