Here’s an update on the Mesa Street Rehabilitation Project currently underway in west El Paso.

Phase One of the roadwork northbound from Baltimore to Brentwood hit a bit of a snag and is going to take longer than anticipated, while Phase Two southbound from Sunland Park Drive to Festival is now underway.

Larger than anticipated clay deposits that have to be excavated and filled is the reason for the delay in completing work northbound from Baltimore to Brentwood, according to TxDOT El Paso spokesperson Jennifer Wright. Because of that, it will take several more weeks to complete that portion. Once that side is done, crews will switch to working on the inside lane for another 6 to 10 weeks.

Phase Two of N. Mesa’s rehab will affect your drive southbound from Sunland Park Drive to Festival. For the next 6 to 10 weeks that portion of the roadway will be down to one lane as crews work on the outside lanes. Once that work is completed, you’re looking at another 6 to 10 weeks of work on the inside lane.

What I’m saying is if your daily commute takes you through the stretch of North Mesa from the UTEP Special Events Center to Sunland Park Drive in either direction you should allow extra time to get to your destination and come prepared with a lot more patience.


The North Mesa Rehab Project consists of a “full-depth repair” of the roughly 5-mile length of roadway from Baltimore/Glory Road to Sunland Park Drive.

Rehabilitation of the pavement is necessary because of the beating it took under the weight of freeway-level traffic over the past four years while serving as an alternate route while Go10 was under construction.

It’s expected to impact west side traffic through summer 2021.

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