The upcoming Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart shows will be a phone-free space.

Guests attending the Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart shows will each be asked to insert their mobile phones in the Yondr pouch that magnetically locks and prevents the use of the phone. Guests will always maintain full ownership of their mobile phone at all times allowing them to also take any necessary calls by stepping out into the lobby where they will have Yondr unlocking stations to gain access to the device.

This savvy tech provides a phone-free experience allowing the whole audience to enjoy the show without out any phone distractions and also cuts down on piracy.

You can also pass up all temptation and forgo taking in your mobile device and leave it in your vehicle but if that's just too anxiety ridden for you, then just be prepared to use the Yondr pouch. Anyone spotted using their mobile phone in any capacity will be ejected from the performance.

Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart will be performing in El Paso June 23 & 24th at the Abraham Chavez Theatre.

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