Even though Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey aren't together anymore, they still stand up for one another. She is STILL the mother of his twins and I'm sure he wouldn't want his kids to see mom publicly ridiculed for something that wasn't her fault.

In a recent Ellen DeGeneres appearance, Nick spoke about the now famous New Year's Eve disaster and defended Mariah relating her performance to times he has been on stage and technical errors occur. Heck, I've even been getting ready to sing the nation's anthem and can't hear anything out of my monitors, and it really can mess up a singer.

Nick Cannon also joked around about conspiracy theories but overall he just wanted to defend Mariah and the huge mishap on New Year's Eve. Since the incident, Mariah is taking a break from social media. I'm sure she is getting nasty messages, tweets, Instagram messages and who knows what else from some rude members of the general public. I do not envy her at all right now. No word on when she will make her return but she is Mariah. if Kim Kardashian can come back, so can Mariah.

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