Many know me as a HUGE Mariah Carey fan. Even after New Year's Eve and that performance, I love her and even more now.

.....Because she is human enough to show how human she still is after having the millions of dollars, perfect wardrobe and flowing honey colored hair. If this had happened to Beyonce, heads would have rolled. But it didn't, and you know why? Because Beyonce is diva in a sense that the whole New Year's Eve celebration would have been all set up by her team and nailed down. Mariah was there during the day and told the Rockin' Eve producers countless times that she couldn't hear anything in her monitor so they thought just swapping the equipment would be good enough and come showtime, it wasn't.

She didn't start singing because she couldn't even hear the music for her #1 hit "Emotions". How would you know when to start singing if you couldn't hear any music? Being on stage isn't easy and I know we as an audience heard the music, but on stage it is a whole different story. Monitors are used exactly for this reason and when the monitors aren't working, you can't hear anything. So I love Mariah still, ever since her 90's debut single, "Vision of Love". The girl CAN sing and still can. Stop hating one someone if you, yourself, wouldn't get up on stage in front of millions and still make jokes about how bad it was. Get over it.

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