As the holiday season quickly comes for our wallets, many people start thinking about how to help those in need.

While donating is something we should think about all year long, giving to those less fortunate is something blended into Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many organizations do think about giving back to those struggling all year long, including the National Football League (NFL).

While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a fundraiser conducted by the Miami Dolphins. An NFL team that probably doesn't have too many fans here in El Paso, but they do have an El Pasoan on their cheerleading team.

Ariana Vargas is part of the Miami Dolphins cheerleading team and working hard to help raise funds for cancer research. Her mother, Alicia Vargas originally posted the Facebook post about helping support her daughter's efforts to bring in donations for Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

I am incredibly impressed to see this El Pasoan who made her way to Miami and live the glamorous life of an NFL cheerleader! Not only is she proudly representing El Paso, Texas but she is helping out a really worthy cause.

The only thing I was sad to see was what other people were commenting on Ariana's fundraiser in the public group What'cha Got For Sale, El Paso.

One commenter made a good point to fellow proud parents who use the group to share their kids' fundraising efforts. Many parents ask for help for their childrens' fundraisers and no one says anything, but because Angie is a Dolphins cheerleader, they think she is raising money for herself. That is not the case.

Let this be a reminder to really look into a fundraiser and not just assume the worst, just because it is on social media.

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