Although we're only 16 days into the new year as of the writing of this post, couting down the new year with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest oddly seems like a distant memory.  It's funny how quickly we resume our routine after weeks and sometimes months of anticipating a new start.  With the new year of course comes new years resolutions.  While I cop out every year by not making one, I'm curios to know if those brave souls that do make resolutions are still keeping with them 3 weeks into this year?  What is considered an acceptable time length to keep up with your resolution before people say that you quit to early or didn't even try?  Better yet, I'm curious to hear of  resolutions that were started years ago that were stuck with and have now just become a way of life (success stories if you will).  But more than anything else, I'm curious to know who the hell is pressing the fast forward button and making me suddenly thirty!?

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