PornHub has released their most-searched terms for 2022 and the top search in the state of New Mexico isn't shocking- and Texas has a fetish. Adult video-hosting site Pornhub is once again showing us what weird sexual fetishes and fantasies are tickling America's fancy.

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Pornhub Insights has released their 2022 Year in Review- an in-depth analysis of their website to see what are the top trends, categories, searched terms, and more. The report showed that on average website visitors were on the site between 9 to 11 minutes.

The search term "real homemade" was searched 310 percent more in 2022 compared to the same time period in 2021. Pornhub also revealed what search terms were the most popular in each state. In New Mexico, the term "Latina" was the most searched, which isn't surprising since the Land of Enchantment is a predominately Hispanic region.

In the Lone Star State, Texans must be into an underwear fetish as "panties" was the most popular search term here. The most popular searched term in the country was the same as the most viewed category- lesbian.

PornHub Insights also looked into what hours of the day people were most likely to visit the adult site. From their findings, after a rough Monday at work people were most likely to unwind by visiting the site around 11 p.m. Early in the mornings on Tuesday was the least likely time for people to destress with some sexy videos on the site. And overwhelmingly, people were most likely to view PornHub on their phone than on a desktop computer, tablet, or other device. Mobile viewing of the website made up 84% of visitors on the website.

You can read more about Pornhub's "Year in Review" at the DailyMail website.

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