Was there really a Star of Bethlehem that hung over a stable where a child was born over 2000 years ago, and who was destined to become the Messiah?

People who have believed in the birth of Christ and people who think it is a preposterous story have tried to prove and disprove the Star of Bethlehem story since it happened. The explanations of the star have run the gamut from being a nova, a supernova, or maybe a bunch of planets all lined up at once.

Beginning Monday, November 20, you can watch The Mystery of the Christmas Star at the New Horizons Dome Theater and Planetarium. There will be a scientific explanation for the Star the Wise Men followed and an explanation of the historical significance of the story.

You can also check out live planetarium star shows daily. Check out the New Mexico Museum of Space History website, or 1-877-333-6589 for more information.

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