Don't forget that sunscreen! Especially living in the "Sun City", we all have gotten a little sunburnt in our lifetime, but sometimes that burn can become deadly.

Researchers at UNM in Albuquerque have had an amazing breakthrough in melanoma treatment and the medications used. Only you know your own skin and the marks you have and when new marks appear. This breakthrough in melanoma treatment comes when the melanoma is already in the stage four phase. Doctors have found that when two medications to treat the melanoma, usually given separately, work better when taken together.

Ipilmumab and nivolumab, when used together are found to have shrunk the melanoma by 61% as opposed to 22% when used separately. This breakthrough could lead to more findings with these drugs and the usage of them as one entity and leading these drugs to eventually hopefully find the cure for melanomas.

Doctors still warn patients to always wear sunscreen as the only way to prevent a melanoma. And using a sunscreen with SPF 60 is adequate for sun protection with reapplying coats every 4 hours.