Calling all Iphone and Ipad users, Mark Zukerberg and his team have totally reconstructed the Facebook application for your Apple device! DO you have it yet?

So, yesterday I saw in my Facebook newsfeed a post from Mark Zuckerberg (is he everyone's Facebook friend?) anyways, he posted about how he and his Facebook team have reconstructed the Facebook app for Iphones and Ipads. They have totally rebuilt it and I had heard it was super fast with some new features. Here is my review of it:

It is SUPER fast and I love it! The speed it takes now to open up a post or pic is little wait to none. You can easily scroll now without the annoying wait time for a refresh. Also, one of the new features is the ability to see how many new posts there are to the top of your screen and if you hit that button it zooms to the top instantly refreshing the newsfeed.

The only one con I could pick out was the inability(atleast I haven't found out how) to delete a post. Before you would swipe the screen and the delete button would pop up. Well, not anymore. I keep swiping and nothing happens. Do you know how to delete a post?

So update your apps now and tell me what you think! Did Zukerberg do us Facebook freaks well or not?

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