A group of local taxi drivers have banded together to develop their own ride sharing app. The advent of Uber changed the way taxi drivers had to work for their money, and the new app, Andale, seeks to get a cut of the ride share app market,.

The ride-sharing app was started by local company Border Cab, a company that has been in El Paso for 52 years. In 2016, Border Cab launched the app as a way to stand out and stay competitive. The owner of Andale says they had to adapt to the changes brought on by Uber and other ride share apps. The owner says Andale is an app for niche customers.

The taxi drivers behind Andale say they know that young customers will use Uber and Lyft, but they are interested in more affluent people, 30 and over, who want a secure ride for their wife who comes into town, or their kids who come into town.

The other difference between Andale and other ride share apps is that they can go to Las Cruces and Juarez. The owners say if you are willing to pay them, they are willing to drive wherever you want to go.

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