El Paso City Council has approved renovations for a new animal clinic in Mission Valley which will provide El Pasoans with low cost spaying and neutering.

City Council approved a contract valued at $174,000, with Pride General Contractors, LLC, of El Paso, to renovate and re-purpose the existing 2,413-square-foot facility.

The building located at 9060 Socorro Road was chosen as the new location for the animal clinic in order to reduce the amount of initial investment required to construct the new animal clinic.

Upon its completion, the animal clinic will also be equipped to provide the city’s pet population with basic immunizations which will keep their pets healthy and micro chipping services that will allow for a pet to be identified if it’s lost.

The new clinic will feature new amenities such as: a lobby, a reception area, office space, an animal holding area, a wash room, a surgery prep room, separate surgery and recovery rooms, ADA compliant restrooms, and a kitchen.

Other features included as part of the renovations will be a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of the animal clinic, modifications to the existing parking lot which will feature new ADA compliant spaces, and new railings for the walkways.

Construction of the project will begin in November, and will take approximately 120 days to complete.

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