The North Mesa Rehab Project is underway and will hamstring the west side for months to come, but I suppose if there was ever a good time for roadwork on the normally busy street its now.

Texas Department of Transportation crews have begun work on the outside northbound lanes from Baltimore to Brentwood, and the roadwork now underway will require complete overnight closures most of this week. Expect the middle and outside lanes to remain closed for about six weeks. You'll still have access to businesses.

Once that side is done, they’ll switch to working on the inside lanes for another six weeks or so.

The North Mesa Rehab Project consists of a “full-depth repair” of the roughly 5-mile length of roadway from Baltimore/Glory Road to Sunland Park Drive.

Rehabilitation of the pavement is necessary because it really took a beating under the weight of freeway-level traffic for the past four years while serving as an alternate route while GO10 was under construction.

It will impact west side traffic through summer 2021.

TxDOT El Paso
TxDOT El Paso

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