El Paso dog owners will soon have a new place to hang out with their fur babies as MUTTS Canine Cantina announced that they’ll be opening up a franchise on the Westside by September of 2021.

Currently, there are locations in Dallas and Fort Worth and it combines a relaxed, outdoor dining and bar area for pet owners with a dog friendly environment full of creative ways to keep those furry, four-legged companions entertained.

Considering El Paso boasts plenty of sunny days that are conducive to being outside anyway, I’m sure the company will be a welcome addition to the community.  As it is, there seems to be more pet oriented events being held around town (or at least there was before COVID) so this will allow for another, fun option.  The exact location for El Paso’s MUTTS franchise has not been released yet.

In addition to having a dog park on premise, MUTTS also hosts a full calendar’s worth of events and will even facilitate “Pawtys” for when you just have to celebrate your pup.  For more information on what MUTTS Canine Cantina has to offer you can visit their website at muttscantina.com.

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