I'm sure  a lot of Halloween costumes will be themed around ghosts, spirits and famous dead people this year.

Dead rock stars tend to show up a lot at Halloween parties and I myself took that route this year.

I recently wrote about some rock stars I got to be friends with over the years who have passed away. While I'm glad my list of dead rock star amigos is a short one, the list of dead rock stars I got to see perform is, sadly, quite a bit longer.

Mexicans Celebrate The Day Of The Dead
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Heaven, as they say, has a helluva band ...


  • Ronnie James Dio. I was lucky enough to have met him and hang out a while backstage. One of the nicest people I have EVER met


  • Lemmy Kilmister/Motorhead and Dusty Hill/ZZ Top. I never go to meet either of them but I wish I could have. Lemmy is actually the reason I switched from guitar to bass as he showed me bassists weren't limited to quietly holding the low end.
  • Another early bass hero was Cliff Burton/Metallica. Watching him do Anesthesia live was mind blowing. His and Lemmy's approach to the bass changed my life.


Photo, GG
Photo, GG



  • Robby Steinhardt/Kansas He and I did a couple of shows together, a KLAQ Balloonfest and a "Rock The Fort" on Biggs. Very talented guy with a love for insanely hot salsa.



Quite a list, huh??  Hopefully there won't be any new additions for a long, long time.

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