One of the cast members from MTV's reality series Teen Mom 2 was spotted in El Paso. Apparently, one of the mother's Chelsea Houska but now DeBoer and her family visited other relatives of theirs here in town. Now if you've seen the show Teen Mom 2 or previews of it on MTV, you may have spotted Chelsea, her husband, and their children on the Westside at the substation.

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The substation is off Sunset Rd. and Doniphan Dr. with all those cute stores and places to grab a bite to eat. In fact, the famous El Paso mural we enjoy taking selfies at including Chelsea DeBoer is inside the substation. Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea and her family posed for the perfect family picture in front of the El Paso mural.

It's nice to know that they have family that lives in El Paso, Texas. Chelsea DeBoer has been an MTV teen mom favorite for years now. She had been filming the documentary series since she was a young teenager at just 17 years old. Well, last year she shared her thoughts about departing from the show permanently that you can see above.

It is understandable for her wanting to exit the show after filming her personal life struggles for 10 seasons. The Teen Mom 2 finale aired on December 29, 2020. So, that answers the question if we can expect to see El Paso on MTV soon, no. It's too bad that the finale couldn't at the end of this year just so El Paso could have been featured on MTV. Former Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea DeBoer and her family enjoyed their visit and were proud to show it.

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