The coronavirus has changed the way we do everything. Schools are closed, malls are closed, restaurants are either on drive-thru only or curbside pickup for takeout orders, and the way we worship has changed during this most holy of weeks in the Christian calendar.

Holy Week is usually a busy time for El Paso Catholics. Families visit each other during holy days, there are Easter eggs to color and Easter baskets to fill out for the kiddos. Another tradition during Holy Week is the annual trek up Mt. Cristo Rey for so many El Pasoans as a sign of their faith and their devotion.

Officials with the New Mexico Governor's office and the Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces announced the closure of Mt. Cristo Rey until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the cancellation of Holy Week events, the public also cannot hike on Mt. Cristo Rey until further notice.

Of course, all El Paso and Texas State parks are closed until further notice, as are all El Paso churches. It's not going to be a Holy Week or Easter Sunday that we are used to, but if we can do the right thing by social distancing and staying at home, hopefully this time next year this surreal time will be just a memory.

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