If you're getting married, you know one of the hardest things to do is find a dress.  Everyone has an opinion about what style dress you should wear - princess, prom, sleek, modern, traditional - and it's hard to figure out which dress you won't regret when you're 80 years old!  Check out what one bride thought was The Dress..

I can't imagine what the dress buying excursion was like with this girl!  "Oh, mom, it covers up too much of my boobs.  I wonder if Saks Fifth Avenue has a Porn Star wedding dress collection?"


But the funniest thing about this article is that the woman writing it seems to think that we should applaud this bride for having the guts to stand up for herself and wear this atrocity of a wedding dress!  What do you think?  Is she a strong woman for having the nerve to put this thing on in front of her family and friend, or is she just a skank in a white dress?

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