The Central El Paso dining scene is about to get scarier — but in a good way. The owners of Monteleone's Ristorante are preparing to open a new restaurant called Monteleone’s Haunted Motel Themed Restaurant.

Yes, they say it’s really haunted. No, it's not an actual motel.

Monteleone’s Haunted Motel is Gary and Laura Monteleone’s latest dining concept: a horror-themed Italian steakhouse restaurant where you’ll dine in your own “motel room.”

But there really is paranormal stuff going on in the place, according to Gary.

I heard him say when he appeared on an Annie's Adventures podcast recently that they tried living in the 1930’s era home at 512 N. San Marcial that they eventually converted into the restaurant, but the activity got to be a little too much.

And if anyone knows about haunted it's the Monteleone’s -- especially after everything they went through for years at their original restaurant, Monteleone's.

Monteleone’s Haunted History

Monteleone's Ristorante
Monteleone's Ristorante

If you’ve ever looked to your right while driving west on I-10 just past Concordia Cemetery you may have noticed a building with the 18-wheeler facade and the huge grizzled looking mobster's face staring back at you. That building is home to Monteleone's Ristorante, known as much for its authentic Italian food and Chicago gangster theme as it is for its haunted history.

Employees and patrons of the restaurant located at 3023 Gateway West have experienced supernatural activity for over ten years. Although most of the activity has died down, at one point what was going on in there was so terrifying the Syfy channel’s documentary-drama series “Paranormal Witness” featured the restaurant’s hauntings on its 2013 season.

Monteleone’s Haunted Motel Themed Restaurant

Monteleones Haunted Motel Themed Restaurant Facebook
Monteleones Haunted Motel Themed Restaurant Facebook

An exact opening date and specifics about the restaurant have not been revealed yet. A recent Facebook post promises a website, menu and more info “coming soon.”

Back in January, when they were first working on bringing the concept to reality, the plan shared with me was that “of an old forgotten motel” (the restaurant) where a bellhop (server) “would guide you to your own personal haunted dining quarter designed to resemble an aged establishment out of its time.” There was also talk of maybe making the attic available for overnight stays, but that may no longer be the plan.

Keep on eye on this space for an update. For now, all we know for sure is what has been posted on social media:

You’re in for a magnificent night filled with mystery, spirits, and a delicious made from scratch Italian Steakhouse Menu. Your visit is sure to be otherworldly!

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