Here’s an update on the haunted themed restaurant I told you about in September that will be serving up steaks with a side of scares.

Gary and Laura Monteleone, the owners of Monteleone's Ristorante, are preparing to open a new haunt in Central El Paso for hungry horror enthusiasts.

It’s called Monteleone’s Haunted Motel Themed Restaurant and as I mentioned previously it's not an actual motel.

Monteleone’s Haunted Motel is Gary’s latest dining concept: a motel-themed Italian steakhouse where one can have dinner in a “motel room.”

I’m told the dining experience will include a little bit of Hollywood in the form of The Bellhop Players; server/actors who will put on a short, scripted play before the steaks arrive.

Is It Really Haunted?

While Monteleone’s Haunted Motel Themed Restaurant is not an actual motel Gary swears it really is haunted. He even has a photo of a full-bodied apparition that he promises to release soon.

The original plan was to buy the property and use it as extra parking for Monteleone’s Ristorante, but Gary ended up really liking the 1930’s era home and decided to live in it instead.

But soon after, the paranormal activity got to be too much for the Monteleone’s.

Things would move on their own, footsteps could be heard coming from the attic no one living inhabited, and the family dog would constantly bark – at what, they could never determine.

Before making the decision to move out, they consulted a medium who strongly suggested they find other living arrangements as the original owner who lived and died there wasn’t into having roommates.

Like the neighboring Monteleone’s Ristorante, employees of his newest restaurant have also seen and experienced things, and hear things moving around.

While there is no guarantee of paranormal activity on any visit to the restaurant, it's possible diners may have their own paranormal encounter.

When Will It Open?

Monteleone’s Haunted Motel Themed Restaurant, located around the corner from Monteleone's Ristorante at 512 San Marcial Street, is scheduled to open the first week of November. Reservations will be required as seating is limited. A website to book dinner is currently under construction.

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