Thank God for FOOTBALL!

Baby it's back and so are all the beautiful men that play the sport! I heart my Pittsburgh Steelers but I have to admit there are some fine looking men in each team and that includes today's Boy Friend!

TIM TEBOW! Super hottie of the day!

Ladies, this fine man specimen was born in the Philippines but grew up in Florida. His jersey number is 15 the same jersey # he wore in college. Tim is 23 years old and actually has a birthday coming up this Sunday!

(Happy Birthday Tim! )

Tim Tebow was drafted into the NFL last year and now plays for the Denver Broncos. As a matter of fact this Thursday the Broncos take on the Dallas Cowboys.

Tim Tebow - BF of the Day!

Check out Tim tell us what his favorite ice cream flavor is and seriously look at that smile - Makes me melt!

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