As Smartphone gain in popularity, chances are pretty good you'll be going phone shopping soon.  And no doubt you'll be tempted to get the latest and the greatest phone, even if you don't need it. Before you get suckered into an expensive phone with a bunch of features you don't need, read on for a few tips on stuff you should consider skipping:

  • The Biggest Data Plan -- Even if you're checking email, making calls and updating Facebook like crazy, you're probably not burning through your data plan. Most Smartphone owners assume they use way more data than they actually do. As long as you're not streaming HD video, you can do without the jumbo data plan.
  • More Megapixels -- Just because a Smartphone has a huge megapixel camera doesn't mean it takes good pictures. For example, the five-megapixel camera on the iPhone 4 produces great shots because it has a special low light sensor. Other cameras that aren't as advanced don't look nearly as good, even though they take huge pictures.
  • Physical Keyboards -- It's gotten to the point that touchscreen phones are everywhere and QWERTY keyboards are on the way out. You might as well adapt now.
  • Hi Def Video -- If you're shooting video on your phone, odds are that you're going to put it on the web and not on an IMAX screen. So, low def video -- which still looks great -- will be just fine.

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