There is no scarier feeling than the motion of feeling like you're about to tip over an overpass.

Some of us can't imagine the feeling of being inside a vehicle that is about to crash down on I-10. But then again we also don't like to imagine those kinds of things either.

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I didn't expect to be welcomed back with an incident that occurred at Executive Center yesterday. No one enjoys arriving back home after a road trip to be stuck in traffic. Before heading home I stopped by the station which is off Executive Center where the accident occurred.

After finally getting out of the traffic jam drivers witnessed a scary situation no driver ever wants to be in. When passing the traffic jam on the overpass, drivers were probably freaking out for other drivers on I-10 West.

The freak out wouldn't come from the stress of traffic, it would be with the idea of a truck tipping over the barrier and crash down onto I-10 West.

Luckily, the little wall barrier was helping keep the garbage truck from tipping over. Plus, the two right lanes on I-10 West at Executive Center were closed in order to play it safe.

Thankfully, the garbage truck driver and other drivers witnessing it the scary situation didn't suffer a heart attack.

KFOX 14 shared a few photos and a video of the situation yesterday afternoon. If you're quick to assume the garbage truck driver is at fault, you're wrong.

In fact, it wasn't the driver's fault for the garbage truck tipping over. What actually happened was the garbage truck lost an axel that caused it to tip over according to an emergency fire dispatcher.

This isn't our first rodeo with possible deadly accidents. Now El Paso won't ever forget the time the freeway shut down for 24 hours in 2018.

There have been several occasions that caused worry for drivers on I-10 over the years. For example, that one time a driver hit a power pole causing I-10 in Central to be shut down.

Another report from KVIA Abc 7 News was just this past August when a truck was in flames on I-10. But because of a truck that was in flames, they shut down I-10 for safety purposes.

Just stay safe out there, El Pasoans.

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