If you were wondering if El Paso is ever going to get wintry weather, keep wondering. We aren't going to get cold weather, but we will be getting cooler weather. According to our news partners at KVIA:

An ABC-7 First Alert has been issued for gusty winds Monday afternoon, followed by a large temperature drop for Tuesday.


Sunday will be sunny with highs in the mid 60s. We warm to the low 70s for Monday, but winds will be very gusty in the afternoon. It looks like they will peak at 45 mph with sustained winds out of the west at 20-30 mph. A cold front moves in behind those winds, so highs on Tuesday will be a good 20 degrees cooler, only in the low 50s.

El Paso isn't known for being a winter wonderland, and this week is no different. Yes, it will get a little cooler and you'll need a jacket, but you won't be building Frosty the Snowman anytime soon. Just make sure you have your jacket handy for the next couple of days.

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