Those pictures of boxes filled with fruit, veggies and other goodies all over social media are real, affordable and can be delivered contactless straight to your door.

For $25 you can purchase a box filled with fruits, veggies, rice, beans and if in stock, cheese too. These boxes filled with basic staples are nothing new but since the coronavirus pandemic has us all social distancing and making fewer runs to get groceries, these bountiful boxes have been a big hit with El Paso and Las Cruces families.

Many produce distributors such as Honeybee Distributors and Jurado Fruit Market have stepped up their game by providing these highly coveted food boxes. So much so that Honeybee Distributers issued a statement via Facebook earlier this week not only thanking the El Paso community but also making them aware that some items such as cheese are running in short supply so instead are throwing in a watermelon.

Read the whole post below:

“Good morning beautiful El Paso folks. First off I want to thank El Paso County and surrounding areas for the awesome response to our services. Thank you. All of our produce is delivered fresh every day. Everything that is not produce like beans, rice or cheese are limited quantities. So our cheese is running extremely low so that won't be a part of the case when they finish. We will replace with fresh fruit. So if you don't get cheese your going to get a mini personal watermelon. Thank you.

Monday thru. Saturday 8 am to 6 pm

U could stop by 12797 Sparks rd. El Paso Tx 79928, no need to call, or to take advantage of our free delivery please call 915 205 1890.

We will stars a Las Cruses run and every town in between once a week on Thursdays starting this Thursday coming up. Get your orders in no delivery fee to Las cruses prices stay the same, we are offering free delivery thru these hard times. Thank you.”

If you are interested in purchasing a box of mixed fruit and veggies you can stop by Honeybee Distributing or have them deliver a box straight to your home contactless and with free delivery. You can also order a box of bountiful fruits & veggies from Jurado Fruit Market for $20 dollars a box.


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