A lot has been written and said about the sportsmanship Jonathon Montanez displayed in the closing seconds of the annual Coronado – Franklin basketball game that got special needs student Mitchell Marcus the basket his coach so wanted him to have. And now that touching moment is getting the documentary treatment from local filmmaker Charlie Minn. Minn hopes to have the movie titled "The Perfect Turnover" out in late October.

The "moment that epitomized the meaning of sportsmanship" gained national attention after Franklin High student Lauren Bagg uploaded the video to her Facebook page. Students at both schools soon began using Twitter to try and get the story on Sports Center, and the story and video soon went viral.

The special moment has since been featured on the CBS Evening News and the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," and locally Tricia and I were able to get both City Council and the County Commissioners to proclaim a day this past March as "Coronado T-Birds and Franklin Cougars Sportsmanship Day"