Last June, a 28-year-old Target employee in New Jersey tried to pull a workerman's comp scam that could get her 10 years in prison. Victoria Colon of Union City, New Jersey decided she’d had enough of being a workin stiff and would much rather live off the back of taxpayers, so she rigged a shelf in a storeroom to drop a bunch of boxes on her. Colon then pulled a shopping cart full of more stuff on top of her, and repeatedly hit herself in the head with some batteries for good measure.

Afterwards, she got up, ate some Goldfish crackers, made herself puke near the fake accident to help sell it, got back under the boxes, and called for help. Here was the problem with her plan: Target has security cameras  in the storeroom, which captured her entire scam. Colon was indicted for fraud Tuesday and could get up to 10 years if convicted.

Intentionally injuring yourself on the job to get workerman's comp is a low down thing to do, but listen kids, if you're going to put yourself through that at least think it through. Don't blow it like this idiot

Unfortunately all I could get my hands on is her mugshot. The security cam footage is evidence, so the company lawyers wouldn't release it.