Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson was captured on video going to town on some guy's face on board a JetBlue flight.

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You should never tempt certain things in life, especially if that thing is one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time or, as some would call him, "The Baddest Man on the Planet."

TMZ reports that Mike Tyson was so pissed off by a fellow passenger on a flight from San Fransisco to Florida that he got out of his seat and began punching a guy for allegedly being "annoying."

Things escalated, and a fed-up Iron Mike was caught on camera beating the guy in the face. TMZ went on to say that the unruly passenger would not leave the boxing champ alone even after Tyson posed with him for a selfie and allegedly was also intoxicated.

It's Mike Tyson; why would anyone dare piss him off - have we learned nothing from his altercation with Evander Hollyfield and his ear in the late 90s?

While Mike Tyson is known for his savage boxing ring punches, it's another thing to see him throw down in public.

Just last month, Tyson was spotted in El Paso exiting the Plaza Hotel on his way to the airport and was nice enough to stop and pose for a picture with a local El Pasoan. Carlos of Revive Medical mentioned that even though Tyson was in a rush, he took a moment to take a photo with a fan.

Revive 915
Revive 915


But this isn't what happened on board that flight; while celebrities are not obligated to stop and indulge fans, there is a fine line, especially in a small tight space. If the passenger was intoxicated, I could see someone getting annoyed, but violence is never the answer.

Also, where were the flight attendants, especially if a passenger was harassing another passenger and should have stepped in before things escalated. Authorities are still piecing the facts together, but neither party has filed charges.

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