You know we love our listeners and we love to head out to your workplace to hang out with you and take you all kinds of goodies, so Mike & Tricia Mornings wants to go to your workplace for an Office Invasion.

We have teamed up with Hive Java Lounge to bring you and your office some delicious coffee, pastries, and an exclusive KISS El Paso freebie. Our first winning office was Upbring Foster in Texas. Martin filled out the form on and we chose him and his co-workers for a visit from Mike and Tricia.

Here's the thing - we will only do invasions on May 11th, 18th and the LAST Office Invasion is May 25th. If you and your office can be available for a visit from Mike & Tricia between 10 a.m. - 12 p.m., you need to register to have us invade your workplace with silliness and deliciousness!

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