Back in the old days, oh, six months or so ago, we all used to work in office buildings. We had co-workers who showed up with unwashed hair that they were trying to hide with a ponytail, and co-workers who used to steal our leftovers from last night from the office kitchen and then try to pretend like they didn't even though we saw the stain of enchilada sauce on their tie. Yeah, back in the old days, work was a different world.

In our world, we don't get to see Charlie One that often. He's out on his magic carpet flying around El Paso keeping an eye on rush hour traffic and calling into the Mike and Tricia Mornings studio to let you know where the traffic problems are on your commute. Usually, we just toss to Charlie and then get on with the news, but earlier this morning, Mike was having a little fun at Charlie's expense off the air and when it came time for me to do my news, I busted up laughing.

From El Paso, For El Paso: Don't Miss Mike & Tricia Mornings or you will miss some seriously funny moments.

Posted by KISS El Paso on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

I gotta say, Charlie One is probably the most professional part of Mike and Tricia Mornings. Mike makes gross noises, I'm constantly telling him to knock it off, and there's Charlie just doing the traffic without missing a beat while there is off-air chaos in his ear.

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One of these days I'm going to do a Facebook live of Mike and I when Charlie is doing his traffic so listeners can see how really silly we are while he's doing his job. Until then, here's what happened when Charlie One riffed a little earlier this morning.

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