Thank you to you, our listeners, for helping us make the first Mike and Tricia Morning's 'Bras Across Our Building' a huge success. We got over 250 bras donated that we will be donating them to the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence. We are also going to donating $1,000 to the Cancer and Chronic Disease Consortium of El Paso.

The money will be used to help cover mamograms for women who have little or no insurance coverage and couldn't pay for a mammogram with help from the Consortium. As you know, early detection is the best protection, and a mammogram is a front line defense in the fight against breast cancer. If you can't afford a mammogram and would like to see if you can get help from the Cancer and Chronic Disease Consortium, call them at (915) 771-6305.

Again, thank you to everyone who helped make this first Bras Across Our Building such a success!

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