El Pasoans will take to the polls on Saturday to vote for a number of new elected officials. One of the biggest cases is the race to take over the mayoral office from current mayor, Oscar Leeser. Mike and Tricia Mornings had both candidates on the show and live Facebooked the interviews for our listeners.

Before you head out the polls, take a listen to the interviews so you can hear what the candidates have to say.

1:32 - Mike welcomes Dee Margo and compliments his jacket.

2:00 - Durangito issue

5:12 - Will Margo support arena build elsewhere if Durangito lawsuit prevents it being built in Durangito.

7:00 - Does a mayor of El Paso have to speak Spanish?

9:02 - How do we work with El Paso school districts to train students to be ready for high-tech jobs?

12:48 - Why don't we look at El Pasoans who have left the city to bring them back for highly paid jobs to reverse brain drain?

14:39 - Where do you stand on the trolley issue?

17:25 - How do you bring in convention and tourism business?

20:15 - Are we going to ever be able to stop dipping into the General Fund for infrastructure and to pay back bond issues?

22:55 - Can you find out why city-owned assets like the EPPD parking garage have not been maintained?

23:45 - Are you going to change city employees work schedule back to Monday - Friday?

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