This week's Mike and Tricia Mornings and McDonalds 'mugging' took us to Downtown El Paso, and the Office of the U.S. Treasury, better known as the I.R.S.!  Yup, we went and saw The Taxman!

Mike and Tricia Mornings and McDonalds 'Mug' US Treasury
kiss fm

Well, actually it was The Tax People!  We got a submission for the U.S. Treasury to get 'mugged' by Mike and Tricia Mornings and McDonalds, so Thursday morning, we headed downtown.

Mike and I went through security at the Federal Building and asked where we could find the U.S. Treasury office.  The guards kind of chuckled and pointed us to the IRS office.  We asked again, and they said the IRS is a part of the Treasury.  Man, for someone who prides herself on knowing stuff like that, I sure felt like a doofus!

Anyway, when we got in the office, we asked for Diana Cano, the lovely listener who went online and submitted her office for a Mike and Tricia Mornings and McDonalds 'mugging'.  Unfortunately, she took the week off, but that didn't stop her office mates from taking advantage of the McGriddles and McCafe coffee from McDonalds!  Hey, all's fair in love and McDonalds!

Today, we got a really nice email from one of Diana's co-workers:


Mike and Tricia Mornings 'Mug' US Treasury Office
submitted by: diana cano

"Thanks KISS FM 93.1 for making our day by "Mugging" us.

I just spoke with Diana on the phone and let her know and I told her we were sorry she wasn't here. In true Diana fashion she said, "I am glad everyone was there and got to enjoy it. That is so cool."

And so is Diana Cano, and the gang at the U.S. Treasury/IRS office in Downtown El Paso!  Thanks for having Mike and Tricia Mornings and McDonalds, and be nice come tax time!