If you are a Facebook hound like I am, you've probably seen this challenge all over your feed recently. It's the How Hard Did Aging Hit You Challenge, and it's pretty easy to do. You just post your first Facebook profile picture and then your most recent profile picture so people can see what the years have done to you.

I decided to look back at our first profile picture together on the Mike and Tricia Facebook page and grabbed this shot of us in our first official Facebook profile pic:


I took this photo this morning to do the challenge. Mike looks exactly the same, but I look like I've been dragged through the years on the back of the Badly Aging trolley! Oh well, you know they say men always age better than men. I see now that's true!!

Patricia Martinez

And just one more shot of Mike and I. This one was when I said experts say you're supposed to close your eyes and then open them right when the picture is taken for a better selfie. Pretty sure those experts are wrong!

Patricia Martinez