Mexico probably won't ever fork over a dollar for the border wall that President Trump wants to build on the U. S. southern border, but they might soon be able to wipe their fannies on his face. A Mexican lawyer who said he was angered by Trump's words against Mexicans on the campaign trail decided to make some money off Trump. He looked into licensing Trump's name for shoes, but his plan went down the toilet when the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property said Trump had already gotten the licensing rights for shoes bearing his name.

Then Antonio Battaglia had an idea.

Trump toilet paper, or 'hygienic paper' as it is known south the border.

Battaglia checked and the trademark application for Trump toilet paper was available. He got the Institute's approval of his trademark application and says Trump tp will be ready to roll later this year. Battaglia says making money isn't the most important part of his endeavor anymore. He says he will donate 30% of his profits toward "financing programs that support migrants and Mexicans deported from the U.S."

That just might give the president the runs.

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