According to USA TODAY the GOOD NEWS--Looks like McD's will serve up the ALL-DAYY breakfast Happy Meal MONDAY, Sept. 26th! NOW the BAD NEWS the kiddie-friendly yummies will be available at 73 Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

The new Happy Meals will contain 2 McGriddles, or a new Egg & Cheese McMuffin (w/out Canadian bacon), says the site.  They also say that you have the choice of 2 sides - yogurt or apple slices; Or, there will be an option of french fries for lunch or din din.  At certain locations, hash browns will be available too.

Since the Oct. 2015 launch of the original all-day breakfast menu has reportedly become so successful thats why they want to expand the Happy Meal All-Day Breakfast option and   IF it MAKES it in Oklahoma, then the meal option will happen NATIONwide as soon as NEXT YEAR!