Recently, there was a big surprise guest who visited Buddy's Beer Barn food truck lot.

The surprise guest is no stranger to El Paso, Texas since it is, after all, her hometown.

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Just last year she took on a major role for a company a lot of us support when we need the right spices.

Last summer McCormick was looking for someone to take on the Director of Taco Relations role.

In October, Jo Luna, an El Paso native was chosen to be Director of Taco Relations representing McCormick.

This was the perfect job for Jo Luna since her and her fiancee enjoy trying different food trucks around El Paso to tell us about on their YouTube channel.

Jo Luna and her partner in crime for life, Javi have been sharing their critiques of food through Javi & Jo: On the Go.

The couple visited Meech's Hot Chicken's food truck at Buddy's Beer Barn lot and documented it on YouTube.

It sure is nice to see this El Paso native still enjoying the food that her hometown has to offer.

If you want a taste of Nashville's local specialty Meech's Hot Chicken food truck is how you can get your Nashville hot chicken fix, minus the long road trip.

Javi and Jo enjoyed every bite they had while eating the hot chicken. This means Meech's Hot Chicken got the stamp of approval from Javi and the first-ever Director of Taco Relations.

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