There’s a new food truck in town and it’s coming from Fort Worth, Texas!

El Taquero Comer is a family-owned food truck that offers authentic Mexican street food. It is run by Jorge Rios and his fiancé Alyssa Martinez.

Courtesy: Jorge Rios
El Taquero Comer

The couple first established their food truck business back in May of 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas and wanted a change after COVID hit so they decided to pack their bags and move their family AND their business to El Paso.

“My fiance always said that the food would do great over here, given the authenticity of our flavors,” said Rios.

The business keeps the couple busy and they are thankful that they can call it their full-time job.

“Between buying what we need, prepping for the week, and keeping to our operating hours, this is definitely our full-time job. Keeps us on our feet, all thanks to god,” said Rios.

Although the couple has only been here for a few months, they’ve been receiving nothing but positive feedback and El Pasoans have been showing their love for the new food truck online.

El Taquero Comer serves food that ranges from Tacos, to burritos, quesadillas, tortas and classic aquas frescas.

“Sharing with y’all family recipes, most of which were passed down from my dad and his family business,” said Rios, “We hope to continue to grow our business here in El Paso. All while showing our two boys that with hard work, dedication, and faith anything is possible.”

El Taquero Comer can be found in east El Paso right by EP Fitness on Montwood and Saul Kleinfeld.

It’s nice to see out-of-towners bringing their family-owned businesses to the borderland, but what’s even better is the warm welcome El Pasoans give those out-of-town businesses.

Courtesy: Jorge Rios

El Taquero Comer Food Truck

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