They don't call him "Money" Mayweather for nothing. The man is loaded and can buy whatever he wants. So he did just that.

He has bought his daughter 2 Mercedes Benz for her birthday but that wasn't his biggest purchase.

Floyd Mayweather isn't one to shy away from stating and showing he has plenty of money and just this month he bought himself a new car. He does buy a brand new car every month, but this was different. This time he spend the most he has ever spent on a custom car.

Mayweather has a Ferrari, a couple Lamborghini's and even a Rolls Royce custom golf cart. But this car blew them out of the water.

This time around Floyd bought himself a beautiful hand-built 2015 McLaren 650S Spider with a retractable hardtop. This beauty cost only a mere $370,000. Yes, that's American money.

Can't wait to see what he buys in February to top this. My guess is a car from the future because he will have to go above and beyond to top this one.

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