There is a lot to celebrate especially when it comes to celebrating your heritage. This is something a lot of people will jump on the bandwagon for, which is a legitimate excuse to drink.

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Now by that I mean you even remember seeing certain people using Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to drink heavily. Hell, we have all seen it in our party days during high school years at the bars in Juarez.

But anyway that is beside the point but I am curious as to who in El Paso loves Tajin. If you're a hardcore fanatic and put Tajin on everything, then get your tastebuds ready.

Taco Cabana and Tajin will soon be launching a partnership creation on Cinco de Mayo aka May 5. There will be a new margarita flavor added to the menu, which is Tajin margarita.

Now, this special margarita flavor that won't be around for long is only while supplies last. I can't help but wonder how long supplies really will last considering the Tajin addicts in El Paso.

If you decide to order a Tajin margarita on May 5, they will also give you an extra .35 ounce bottle of Tajin. This is perfect because you can always rely on your personal stash of Tajin when you're out and about.

There have been all sorts of margarita flavors that Taco Cabana has come up with over the years. My absolute favorite margarita from Taco Cabana is the Dr. Pepper one.

Considering how many people in El Paso love Tajin I give it a short while until they sell out of Tajin margaritas. But the million-dollar question is will you be ordering one or some on Cinco de Mayo? Make sure you place your two cents in the poll below.

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