One of the most famous Halloween pranks ever pulled involved a radio broadcast of the book "War of the Worlds" written by Howard Koch and performed by a troupe of actors led by Orson Welles, the same guy who went on to make 'Citizen Kane'.

The radio broadcast didn't start out to be a prank, it was a show like any other on the radio at that time, but this time, the show started out like a dance music show that was broken into by "news" reports of a Martian landing in New Jersey. People who tuned in late didn't hear the announcement at the beginning of the broadcast that it was just a dramatic take on the book. There was widespread panic and unsubstantiated reports of suicides because people had gotten so panicked. Orson Welles even had to apologize for scaring the bejeezus out of people.

The performance of the 1938 broadcast happening in the courtyard of the amazing Magoffin Home State Historic Site should be every bit as spine-tingling, but without all the widespread panic. Local actors will recreate the broadcast, but because it is rather intense, no one under 18 will be allowed at the performance.

This is definitely a great event at one of El Paso's most amazing venues. It's a don't miss!

WHAT: War of the Worlds performance
WHEN: Saturday, October 21
WHERE: Magoffin Home State Historic Site
COST: Tickets $15 per person. MUST purchase tickets in advance! Call 915-533-5147. All ticket sales go toward supporting the Magoffin Home.

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