Are your beasties driving you a little crazy at home? Do they keep telling you that they're bored? Well, they need to get their hands in some slime and they can do that with an online tutorial from the Magoffin Home.

Turns out there is actual science behind the making of slime. Your kiddos can learn not only how to make slime but how to make the kind of slime they want. They'll learn how to control the type and texture of their slime and they'll even learn why each ingredient is necessary for making the type of slime they want.

You'll need some basic ingredients for the class:
Elmer's school glue white or clear
Borax or baking soda
Saline solution for contact lenses

You can use food coloring or acrylic paint for making some cool colored slime. If you want your slime to smell good, you can use scented oils that are safe for skin. You can even use things like air-drying clay, sponge, polyfil Styrofoam beads, plastic beads and cute plastic charms to embed in your slime.

The good thing is you can start out with as many ingredients or as few as you have on hand. The folks at the Magoffin Home are trying to tailor this class to your needs and they want the beasties to have a lot of fun while they're learning a little bit of science.

Make sure you log on, learn how to make slime and tell the Magoffin crew what other classes you and your kiddos would like to have offered.

WHAT: Friday, July 10 10 AM – 1 PM
WHEN: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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