Take a step back, Joe Francis! Madonna, through her longtime manager Guy Oseary, has come out swinging against allegations that she changed her song ‘Girl Gone Wild’ from ‘Girls Gone Wild’ because of Francis’ threats of a lawsuit.

TMZ reports that Oseary claims no one in Madonna’s camp ever received Francis’ now infamous cease and desist letter, which sought to prevent her from performing the track during her much-hyped Super Bowl halftime show.

If you recall, Francis’ attorney, David Houston, wrote Madge’s people last month that “Mr. Francis and ‘Girls Gone Wild’ have worked tirelessly for an excess of two decades to build his brand and to protect his trademark Girls Gone Wild’ … ‘Girls Gone Wild”s trade identity and trademark are extremely valuable assets which my clients protect vigorously.” In an age where anyone can just Google boobs whenever they want, we’re not sure why that brand is so valuable anymore. Just sayin’!

Oseary pretty much laughed off the charges. He claimed that Madge doesn’t even know who Joe Francis is (burn!) and cited an article that listed over 50 songs entitled ‘Girls Gone Wild.’

So why the name change? It’s pretty simple, according to Oseary. In the actual song, Madonna sings, “girl gone wild,” not “girls gone wild” — so they altered the title to match. Makes sense to us!

Listen to Madonna, ‘Girl Gone Wild’

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