Luis Fonsi is attempting to recreate his Despacito magic by featuring another mainstream American popstar to one of his songs! Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato appear on a new song called “Echame La Culpa” and lucky for us, they’ve also dropped a music video for our not-worthy viewing pleasure. While the music video is filled with sexy choreography and vibes by both Fonsi and Lovato, I felt like the song didn’t have the same Spanglish crossover impact that Fonsi & Justin Bieber were able to create when the dropped the remix for Despacito.

The video is pretty much a party and the song is seemingly about a couple that can’t seem to reconnect. Demi Lovato sings in both English and Spanish but considering Demi’s Mexican background, I was a little underwhelmed with her delivery. Not that my opinion is important or whatever, but I just thought her speech patterns/diction weren’t as believable and Justin Bieber's! Lol!! Watch the video and hear the song for yourself below and you be the judge.

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